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Not a review but a Testimonial

“My citizenship case would require tactful and precise decisions, I needed to find the right lawyer that could help me navigate today”s volatile political environment when things can change with the stroke of a pen. I didn’t need someone that would simply help me fill out forms but, someone that could advise me throughout the entire process. The first time I met Olsa, we began discussing my case. She asked all the right questions and finally provided me with the next step forward. That was the entire process, a series of discussions and steps, the right steps. At no point did I feel rushed or felt that there was no end in sight. I always felt she had a full understanding of my case and it is with total confidence that I can say that she provided me and my family with peace of mind. Olsa may never see the result of her actions and I am not speaking about me becoming an American citizen which I did and very proud of it. The result I am referring to is how my family, my career, my friends and everyone I know somehow will be affected. Not only did she assist me with one of the most important issues in my life but, one that could have had a major impact in my family if it had not turned out how we had hoped. She may never know how on many, many sleepless nights I laid in bed staring at the ceiling worried and questioning if I made the right decision to pursue my citizenship. Especially after watching the news and all the animosity towards immigrants. The one thing that always put me at ease was knowing that I had a team of professionals on my case headed by one of the best in the field, Olsa Alikaj-Cano.

On behalf of all my family and friends and especially me, thank you for all your assistance and commitment you have provided to my case. You have helped me achieve one of my greatest dreams and I do believe could have not been done without you. My sincere thank you and may you always be able to pursue your passion and continue to help others.”
Your friend always,

By : Cano Immigration | July 1, 2020 |

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Community Service And Advocacy

Cano Immigration is passionate about pro-bono work in the community and Attorney Cano is committed to advocacy for comprehensive immigration reform. Through philanthropy, by volunteering time, or providing pro bono legal services, the Firm continues to support various charitable organizations known for their tireless efforts in assisting refugees, and women and children fleeing persecution from their home countries.

For a list of the organizations and the work that Cano Immigration supports, and if you wish to get involved, please see below:

Tahirih Justice Center
Kids in Need of Defense (KIND)
Children’s Immigration Law Academy (CILA)
American Immigration Counsel (AIC)
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