Representation with ICE Orders of Supervision

Sometimes, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents may allow immigrants to remain in the United States under an Order of Supervision, in lieu of physically removing the immigrants to their home country.  We always accompany our clients during those scheduled appointments with ICE. 

We also represent our clients with various humanitarian and deferred action applications, and Emergency Motions for Stay with ICE, to allow our clients time to be with their loved ones and remain in this country. During the time of the scheduled Orders of Supervision in the United States, the immigrants generally are eligible to apply for work authorization in order to be able to work in this country. 

During COVID-19 immigrants throughout the country must check with the respective ICE offices where they report, regarding the current procedures for reporting with ICE. In Houston they can continue to call the following numbers to report telephonically: 281-774-5968 or 281-774-5968

Representation with CBP Inspections and Deferred Adjudications

Often upon returning from a trip abroad, a foreign national, a visitor, or a green card holder may be questioned by a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer, and can be placed in secondary inspection. A CBP officer may further require the immigrant to appear at a CBP Inspection or Deferred Adjudication appointment at a later date. 

Often, during these Deferred Adjudication appointments, the CBP officers may place an immigrant in removal proceedings and even detain the individual. We are highly experienced with these types of cases and we company our clients to those appointments and advocate on their behalf.  We further represent our clients before the Removal Proceedings should that become necessary.