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Immigration Is Not A Political Issue, It’s A Humanitarian Issue


Olsa Cano Interview With VOA

Olsa Alikaj-Cano,  discusses the uncertainties surrounding the DACA program. She emphasizes the emotional and cultural ties DACA recipients have to the U.S., even if they have roots in other countries. Alikaj-Cano highlights the vulnerability of the DACA program, noting that its status can change with different administrations, as seen during former President Trump’s tenure. She stresses that many DACA recipients arrived in the U.S. as children, often without any say in the matter, and believes it’s unjust to penalize them for decisions made by their parents.

Olsa Alikaj-Cano, an immigration attorney with her own law office in Houston, Texas, tells VOA that one of the main problems is that DACA could be revoked at any time, citing as an example the efforts of the administration of former President Trump to rescind the program.

“After three years, if another President comes in, he can take away DACA as a program and all the students, or those who work here, the doctors, the scientists, everybody who is here with DACA will be in the same position as they were before to had the DACA program,”

She says she often deals with DACA applicants and beneficiaries in her work, and that children cannot be punished for the actions of their parents.
“They came to America at a young age, most of them without their knowledge, some, as I said before, they were even as young as a week old and they didn’t have any right to choose the way that they came to America.”

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By : | September 30, 2022 | DACA

USCIS Statement on Supreme Court’s DACA Decision


USCIS Deputy Director for Policy Joseph Edlow issued the following statement on today’s Supreme Court decision on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program:

USCIS Statement on Supreme Court’s DACA Decision


By : | June 19, 2020 | DACA

Community Service And Advocacy

Cano Immigration is passionate about pro-bono work in the community and Attorney Cano is committed to advocacy for comprehensive immigration reform. Through philanthropy, by volunteering time, or providing pro bono legal services, the Firm continues to support various charitable organizations known for their tireless efforts in assisting refugees, and women and children fleeing persecution from their home countries.

For a list of the organizations and the work that Cano Immigration supports, and if you wish to get involved, please see below:

Tahirih Justice Center
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Children’s Immigration Law Academy (CILA)
American Immigration Counsel (AIC)
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