Whether our clients wish to work and live in this country temporarily or permanently, it is our privilege to assist them in navigating the complicated immigration process. 

Our Firm provides legal services to the following: 

  • Investors with substantial funds invested in the U.S.
  • Individuals with the permanent job offer and a Bachelor’s degree or higher, or extensive work experience
  • Managers and executives of multinational businesses transferred to the U.S. for a temporary assignment
  • Individuals with advanced degrees performing work of national interest
  • Outstanding professors or researchers
  • Individuals with extraordinary ability in business, arts, or sciences
  • Religious workers and ministers whose services are required by their non-profit religious organization
  • Individuals filing employment-based applications for lawful permanent residency

We also offer our experience and expertise with non-immigrant and immigrant waivers for our employment based-clients, should they be required in the process.