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Phenomenal Attorney

“Olsa did an exceptional job representing me, along with her team. Before hiring her, I had seen some other attorneys who, weren’t much help or no help at all, after discussing my situation. But Olsa had other things in mind and was able to deliver above and beyond expectations! My immigration status has been restored!”

By : Kristoffer | July 5, 2020 |

Olsa and the Team were Incredible

“Olsa and her team did an incredible job with my immigration case. They used their connections and expertise to not only get my case dismissed, but also get me out of the detention center much faster than anticipated. They reviewed all aspects of my case and thoroughly explained all of my options and outcomes moving forward. Olsa herself took the time and care in my case as if it were her family. She was truly concerned about me and my family’s well-being and treated us with a very personal touch. I would not hesitate to recommend Olsa to anybody I came across in a similar situation. Quite simply this is by far the best experience I’ve had in dealing with any lawyers and/or court case.”

By : Nikash | July 4, 2020 |

Mejor Abogada En Houston

“En todo el proceso de mi Residencia la abogada Olsa pudo assitirme a cada paso. Aunque mi caso fue dificil ella pudo ganar y darme la Recidencia. Muy sastifecho y agradecido por su ayuda y apoyo. La abogada Olsa la recomedaria a mis amigos y familiares y si le pudiera dar mas que 5 estrellas le direa 1o. Muy agradecido por su ayuda, muchas gracias. Al fin puedo visitar a mi familia en Mexico despues de 23 anos sin verlos. Estoy muy feliz y contento y todo por la abogada Olsa. Mil gracias abogada!”

By : Daniel Taylor | July 2, 2020 |

Not a review but a Testimonial

“My citizenship case would require tactful and precise decisions, I needed to find the right lawyer that could help me navigate today”s volatile political environment when things can change with the stroke of a pen. I didn’t need someone that would simply help me fill out forms but, someone that could advise me throughout the entire process. The first time I met Olsa, we began discussing my case. She asked all the right questions and finally provided me with the next step forward. That was the entire process, a series of discussions and steps, the right steps. At no point did I feel rushed or felt that there was no end in sight. I always felt she had a full understanding of my case and it is with total confidence that I can say that she provided me and my family with peace of mind. Olsa may never see the result of her actions and I am not speaking about me becoming an American citizen which I did and very proud of it. The result I am referring to is how my family, my career, my friends and everyone I know somehow will be affected. Not only did she assist me with one of the most important issues in my life but, one that could have had a major impact in my family if it had not turned out how we had hoped. She may never know how on many, many sleepless nights I laid in bed staring at the ceiling worried and questioning if I made the right decision to pursue my citizenship. Especially after watching the news and all the animosity towards immigrants. The one thing that always put me at ease was knowing that I had a team of professionals on my case headed by one of the best in the field, Olsa Alikaj-Cano.

On behalf of all my family and friends and especially me, thank you for all your assistance and commitment you have provided to my case. You have helped me achieve one of my greatest dreams and I do believe could have not been done without you. My sincere thank you and may you always be able to pursue your passion and continue to help others.”
Your friend always,

By : RV | July 1, 2020 |

Excelente Abogada de Inmigracion

“Habla Espanol!! We hired Olsa to handle my father’s immigration case in 2016. We are now in 2019 and I am so happy to say that my father will be able to keep his green card and the nightmare is over!! This couldn’t have happened without Olsa leading his case. If you are in need of an immigration attorney that is approachable, knowledgeable and reliable, consider hiring Olsa. She was always there when we had a question or concern, never gave us the run around. She always filed and submitted his paperwork ahead of time….very reliable! Thank
you, Olsa and your team for your hard work!!

A little insight on my father’s case: My father was convicted of a crime back in 1995 while a legal resident. He completed his probation and paid the fees. We thought that was the end of that but in 2016 ICE came to detain my father in regards to that specific case, a case that was well over 20 years ago. A case that had been closed, or so we thought it was. We hired Olsa the following day and she got to work on the case right away. My dad was granted bond and we started meeting with Olsa. She was very knowledgeable and compassionate. Olsa has given us back our peace of mind. Again, thank you!!!”

By : Veronica | June 29, 2020 |

Houston’s best immigration attorney!

“My husband and I have been struggling with US immigration since the eighty’s. My husband had multiple charges against him and the case was extremely complicated. We have since the 80’s worked with several attorneys and firms in Houston. Olsa was extremely delightful to work with. Our case was so long that she was the third attorney assigned to us by her firm due to turnover. We shrugged and said “here we go again” but boy were we wrong. She took our case and was able to quickly get up to speed with the complications and methodically planned a strategy tackling each charge alleged by the government. Olsa was able to successful complete the case in a favorable judgement on our behalf.

Olsa has been our saving grace through this process. Through the past experiences with various lawyers, I can absolutely say with 100% certainty that Olsa is the best immigration attorney in town. She was extremely devoted, realistic, and knowledgeable. Even though she handles many different cases concurrently, she was always up to speed and at times knew more about our case than we could even remember ourselves.”

Thank you so much Olsa!

By : Bilquees | June 28, 2020 |

A successful and professional experience with results

“Olsa has maintained a level of superior professionalism throughout my entire case. My case was complicated as are many, and I had been given many false hopes. Olsa was direct in telling me exactly what can be done and how we will attack the matter at hand. The case was an ongoing process and Olsa was there to help inform and act every step of the way. What some said was impossible Olsa made it happen in weeks. I highly recommend Olsa if you want a successful, strong, well connected and lawyer that will truly fight for you.”

By : Sabrina | June 27, 2020 |

Revived my family’s case from death in Immigration Court

“The past couple of decades my family has been battling US Immigration to end up in Immigration Court. Multiple law firms, decades, and thousands of dollars later we were fortunate enough to be at the right place and right time to meet our guardian angel, Olsa Alikaj-Cano. She has been the most fierce and empathetic lawyer we have met. My father’s case was denied and there was a judge’s order of denial on the base of no proof of legal entry and a case of identify confusion between my father and someone else. Olsa worked hard day and night in ensuring my father received his due process. She was able to convince the government and judge with her hard work that my father entered legally and the alleged government charges are incorrect. After decades, because we were so fortunate in having a great attorney by our side, we won! Thank you so much Olsa! You’ve truly made a difference in our life. My family is forever indebted to you.”

By : Mustafa | June 25, 2020 |

Fierce, Excellent, Compassionate and gets the job done!

“Attorney Alikaj-Cano agreed to take over my case when my old attorney was not complying with his obligations and failed me. She is very intelligent, professional, compassionate and her work ethic is superb. I have used other immigration attorneys before her, but no one came even close to her abilities not only to prepare my case but also present it before the immigration court and ultimately win it. She always told me the truth and was very compassionate throughout the whole process. I was always able to reach her and she did an excellent job getting back to me promptly with any clarifications that I needed. Attorney Alikaj-Cano actually cares about her clients and
treats everyone with respect. Her most important value is high integrity, and I couldn’t find that in the law offices that I was dealing with before. No matter how challenging your immigration situation is, she is the perfect attorney for the job. I highly recommend attorney Alikaj-Cano because she will go above and beyond to get the job done.”

By : Edlira | June 24, 2020 |

Olsa is an Excellent Attorney

“Olsa handled my immigration case from the application of my LPR to my US Citizenship application and Interview. She has been excellent, taking time to analyze and carefully explain every step of the way. She always took time to answer any questions I had, and made sure I had peace of mind. Olsa and her team were extremely diligent always going the extra mile for my cases making sure we had everything covered. I have recommended her to family members and close friends. Olsa is by far the best attorney I have ever hired!”

By : Alfredo | June 23, 2020 |

Community Service And Advocacy

Cano Immigration is passionate about pro-bono work in the community and Attorney Cano is committed to advocacy for comprehensive immigration reform. Through philanthropy, by volunteering time, or providing pro bono legal services, the Firm continues to support various charitable organizations known for their tireless efforts in assisting refugees, and women and children fleeing persecution from their home countries.

For a list of the organizations and the work that Cano Immigration supports, and if you wish to get involved, please see below:

Tahirih Justice Center
Kids in Need of Defense (KIND)
Children’s Immigration Law Academy (CILA)
American Immigration Counsel (AIC)
Call now to get more details on Community Service and Advocacy: 832.288.2727