About The Firm



Cano Immigration is committed to its core principle that Immigrants’ Rights are Human Rights. Based in Houston, Texas, the Firm represents immigrants located throughout the United States and all over the World. As primarily a Litigation Firm, it provides full-professional legal services for family-based and employment-based immigration cases. The Firm was founded by an immigrant who knows by personal experience that each immigration case, and each client’s circumstances and needs are different. This is why every client of the Firm can expect a personalized, individual and compassionate approach, matched with expertise and extensive experience in the immigration field.


Clients Are Always A Priority 

Immigrants are the most vulnerable population in our country. Understanding and navigating the complicated immigration system alone is extremely difficult. The Firm was created with the aim of empowering clients with knowledge and information so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Clients include individuals, families, professionals, investors, as well as companies. Whether you are applying for a visa or your work permit, filing a green card application, obtaining your citizenship, or petitioning for your loved ones, Cano Immigration is here to help you and your families every step of the way. Know that you will always be the Firm’s priority.


Professional Experience with Challenging Cases

Cano Immigration takes pride in representing clients with some of the most challenging and complicated cases, cases that other firms do not wish to handle. Attorney Cano is Board Certified in Immigration and Nationality law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and will litigate your case in Federal Court, Circuit Courts and all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. She is not afraid to challenge the government when immigrants’ rights are violated, and the law is applied against them. Even if you’ve made mistakes in your past, she’s always on your side and will represent you to the maximum of her ability.