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Basic Things You Should Know About Non-Immigrant Visas In the US

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Basic Things You Should Know About Non-Immigrant Visas In the US

A non-immigrant visa is a type of visa that permits individuals to stay in the US on short visits. Unlike immigrant visas like green cards, people with non-immigrant visas in the US cannot stay permanently, and this visa type has both start and end dates after the stay expires. Some scenarios of non-immigrants include tourism, business purposes, health grounds, college, etc. 

Who Should Apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa? 

Anyone who is not a US citizen or a lawful permanent resident requires a non-immigrant visa to visit the country temporarily. However, it is good to know that citizens of certain countries will not need a non-immigrant visa as long as the visit will not extend beyond 90 days. This arrangement is called the “Visa Waiver Program,” which applies to 38 countries, especially EU countries. 

How to Apply for Non-Immigrant Visas In the US 

Applying for a non-immigrant visas in the US does pose considerable stress, and all you need is to follow the due process and gather the required documents. 

Step 1: Fill Out the Form DS-160

The first step to acquiring a non-immigrant Visa in the US is completing the form DS-160. This form allows you to provide personal information, including travel and employment history, family information, etc. 

Step 2: Pay the Visa Fee

Applying for a Non-immigrant visa comes at a cost. Once you fill out the DS-160 form, you should pay the visa fee to the consulate in charge of visa services. 

Step 3: Schedule a Visa Interview 

The next step is scheduling a visa interview at the US consulate or embassy. You can research the US department’s state appointment wait times, and the wait time depends on the US embassy you schedule an appointment with. 


Step 4: Gather Supporting Documents 

The supporting documents will determine if your visa will be approved or not. These documents include your interview appointment letter, international passport, proof of payment, and form DS-160 confirmation page. You might also have to show evidence of non-immigrant intent, which shows your intention to return to your country after the visit. 

Step 5: Go for Your Visa Interview 

The consular officer gets the time to review your documents and application. You will also have your fingerprints taken and swear an oath. Expect to answer many questions as accurately as possible. 

Step 6: Wait for The Visa Decision from The Embassy 

You can either have your visa approved or denied depending on several factors. Once your visa is approved, you can travel to the US any time before the expiry date. 

Note: US immigration laws enforce substantial consequences for staying beyond your visa due date. Therefore, it is best to keep the entry and expiry dates on your visa in mind.  



By : Cano Immigration | October 30, 2020 | Immigration

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